About Us

Hello! My name is Jodi! Oak and Vine Designs was founded on a passion for creating unique hand crafted home decor. I love to create custom pieces that are perfect for your home or special occasion.  I decided to try my hand to build what I couldn't find and I kept going from there.  Oak and Vine Designs was eventual born from that passion or creating.  I love to design and build uniquely curated décor and furniture of all sizes.  Each piece is crafted with pride and hand made in Michigan.

I love what I do! I have built various pieces from large furniture like kitchens tables to custom signs! I love to work with customers to bring their ideas to life.  I love the art of wood working and all that can be made out of a piece of wood from a large project to small seasonal items, to a item for a special even tor day.  

Oak + Vine Owner working in workshop

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